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Looking up at you

October 1, 2012

The beginning always poses questions,

Of the best way to depart,

The choices to make, what direction to take,

Thinking time over lets start.


How can a man, thank another man,

For and introduction and an insight to life,

You have paved me the way, helped me when I stray,

You and my mother, your wife.


The depths of my appreciation I am not sure you’ll ever know,

You gave me the wheel,

And let me feel,

Your nurture allowed me to grow.


A fine man once said to his son,

And he’s still a fine man nothing lest,

You can achieve anything you set your mind to,

Don’t worry my son, do your best.


….I must proclaim, some actions may have tested,

Plainly most relationships will have their ups and downs,

However in me you have invested,

Despite contingent frowns.


I would like to thank you for my chance,

‘kamsahamnida’ is tradditional,

So I fix my sights and steady my stance,

For I know that your loves unconditional.


So I draw to a close this lyrical babble,

As the glow on the mount signals dawn,

I’m still in Korea, in teaching I dabble,

Sincerely the eldest, first born.




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